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Peter Drucker, the guru of Modern Management Theory has a famous line, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”.


Many corporations either currently offer Unconscious, or Implicit, Bias Training or have tried it and given up on it. The challenge is that Subconscious Biases are exactly that, we’re just not conscious of them. Sitting staff down in a training session to address an issue that they don’t really understand that they have is a significant burden on companies.  

At BiasProof we believe there’s a better way! 



Back to Dr. Drucker, we believe that you need to allow your staff to measure their own Biases before you can generate free and open discussion about Bias. Additionally, when staff are compelled to sit in training they tend to have their day to day tasks boiling away in the back of their minds.​​

You need a tool to help focus your staff. You also need a tool to show them that they are improving and therefore the work is worthwhile. BiasProof is that tool!  

We allow you to upload a list of all the email addresses of the people in your organization that you want to train. You do not provide us any Personally Identifiable Information other than their email. We use that email address to email out a personalized link to each participant, and we delete their email from our system before they receive their results. This way both you and us can’t identify a specific person’s test results. We call this Privacy By Design.  

As the Test Administrator, you can login and see the test results for your whole company, and if you’ve split out the tests by department, see the departmental splits as well. You can choose the frequency for re-testing, annually or every four or six months, so you can see your company’s progress towards more open minded thinking. ​ 

Please contact us to find out how we can make BiasProof Affordable and Easy for you! 

"Black Ivory is the most exclusive coffee in the world selling to many international hotels and resorts. Diversity, equity and inclusion is a key measure for our customers and BiasProof has provided us with key insights into our own biases and how to think differently in this regard."

Black Ivory Coffee Company - Blake Dinkin, President and CEO

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BiasProof Positive

We provide you a Badge to put on your website, marketing material, and a link to our BiasProofed Company List so you can proudly show off to your clients and suppliers that your company is on the road to positive change. 


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