The First Step in Overcoming Bias is Understanding your Own Biases

We help you measure your biases and give you a Personal Bias Score 


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INCLUSION 2021, the annual global business festival dedicated to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, now in its second year.

See how your company compares to world leaders!

As part of our ongoing pursuit to understand and  eliminate biases in the workplace and beyond, researchers at BiasProof (Dr. Stuart Flint) and Cambridge University Judge School (Tania Ziegler), in collaboration with INCLUSION 2021, are conducting a brief survey to benchmark D&I in your workplace against world leading D&I initiatives. We will debrief you after all the results are in!


Putting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace firmly into the spotlight.

INCLUSION 2021 is the annual festival for all those invested in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the workplace. Gain ideas, tools & resources to implement Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within your own organisation, meet with 1000s of HR, L&D & D&I focused professionals & gain practical, strategies & advice to bring about lasting change


AI Driven Testing, Privacy By Design 

BiasProof’s proprietary system is tuned with algorithms that provide you instant results and customized training. Its quick and easy, all you need is a mobile phone with an internet connection. 


Our Technology is based on, and clinically tested against, the Harvard Implicit Bias standard. In fact, some of the PhDs on our team work on Implicit Bias Standards internationally with the people who did the work at Harvard.


Our work is validated at the University level, with three distinct studies involving thousands of people. 


​Our Tests take about 5 minutes each, and the training should take another 15 minutes, for each Bias Category, for example, Weight, Gender, Race Biases.

As a participant, you get your results back INSTANTLY upon completion. As an Employer, you can see the results of your whole company, or smaller groups. What you can’t see is an individual’s results. Our Privacy By Design approach ensures that the Employer can only see aggregate data – we can’t even see an individuals’ results ourselves!

"Great product and very helpful! This was our first official D&I Initiative and it provided great organizational insights to help us build a broader strategy."

Blizzard Courier Service Ltd. - Paul Bresge, President and CEO

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