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The First Step in Overcoming Bias is Understanding Your Own Biases

We help you measure your biases and give you a Personal Bias Score 

Visit on your mobile device to take a free, personal, bias test.

BiasProof identifies areas of unconscious bias within your company

While the topic of diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t new, advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before. Consumers are taking their business to companies with a proven commitment to D&I. A growing number of laws and requirements are being enacted to support greater diversity in the workplace.

Employees are looking to leadership to make a difference. Organizations must evolve or risk a shrinking candidate pool, reduced market share, and ultimately, lost profitability.


AI Driven Testing, Privacy By Design 

BiasProof’s proprietary system is tuned with algorithms that provide you instant results and customized training. Its quick and easy, all you need is a mobile phone with an internet connection. 


Our technology is based on and tested against the Harvard Implicit Association Test that is has been used extensively to assess subconscious biases about many topics including racism, sexism, and weight status.


Our work has been validated through collaborative research with universities, and is being used globally to assess biases in large, medium and small businesses, professional organizations and in bias related research studies.


​Our Tests take about 5 minutes each, and the training should take another 15 minutes, for each Bias Category, for example, Weight, Gender, Race Biases.

As a participant, you get your results back INSTANTLY upon completion. As an Employer, you can see the results of your whole company, or smaller groups. What you can’t see is an individual’s results. Our Privacy By Design approach ensures that the Employer can only see aggregate data – we can’t even see an individuals’ results ourselves!

"Great product and very helpful! This was our first official D&I Initiative and it provided great organizational insights to help us build a broader strategy."

Blizzard Courier Service Ltd. - Paul Bresge, President and CEO

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Visit on your mobile device and try one of our bias test.   It's quick, easy, and free for individuals. Try it, you may just learn something new about  yourself!

Try one of our bias test.   It's quick, easy, and free for individuals. You may just learn something  about  yourself!



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